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June 30 2024 issue

A Moment for Justice in Palestine and Israel

Conditions for Palestinians in the West Bank worsen daily, and in the United States, “student intifadas” at some college and university campuses have heated up conversations about this nation’s financial, military, and diplomatic support of Israel’s actions.

Stop Resolving and Love Your Neighbor

Jews are now frequently dismissed as “settler colonialists,” or “Zionists” (spit out as if it were a curse), or unworthy of life, not our neighbor.

‘Hard to Preach the Gospel on Stolen Land’

Australia is only beginning to come to terms with its First Nations people.

Bishop-elect Eager for Seattle Ministry

The Rev. Philip N. LaBelle mentions a consistent theme — the importance of relationships — when he speaks as Bishop-elect of the Diocese of Olympia.

GC to Consider Churchwide Reparations for Slavery

Resolution A015 would build on initiatives already taken by dioceses and other Episcopal entities

Massachusetts, Olympia Elect New Bishops

Two coastal dioceses elected bishops on May 18, and both chose leaders from considerable distances. The Diocese of Massachusetts elected the Rev. Julia E....

A Third Candidate Scrambles the HoD Leadership Picture

Zena Link is a high school teacher, union leader, and lay theologian from the Diocese of Massachusetts.

Church Pension Funders Had Only Tenuous Ties to Slavery

No slaveholders were found among the patriarchs of the wealthy families who donated CPF’s initial funding.

Eclectic Prayers for Same-Sex South African Couples

Remarkably for this genre of prayers, the 15 drafts released by the archbishop reflect not only proposed blessings, but also a prayer of reservations and prayers that focus more on the divided nature of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa.

The Deep, Deep Roots from Which We Flourish

“Maybe this is from my training as a historian, and particularly as a medievalist, that I take the long view and I think of things in terms of centuries. So, we are planting trees that we will not live to see grow to their full height. I find that a terrific opportunity” —Dr. Lauren Whitnah


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