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Ignatius of Loyola, a saint for Anglicans?

Anglicans may be tempted to ignore the complexity of St. Ignatius’s thought and life, in favor of seeing him as a pioneer of open-ended spirituality and the solitary quest for God.

Reading the Bible and ‘taking history seriously’: A necessary aim?

When it comes to scriptural interpretation, it’s crucial to take history seriously — or so I’ve read. Many of us, it seems, are simply not taking history seriously enough.

Truth with teeth: The study of satire and our study of the Bible

Satire can quickly become toothless, selling itself for an easy laugh.

Reading Paul for the unity of the Church

How might one read Paul in a way that furthers the cause of visible Christian unity?

Reflection on the Psalms

W. David O. Taylor provides resources for readers inspired by Bono and Eugene Peterson’s video discussion.

Giving Voices to Women

Katie Sherrod’s ‘Women of the Passion’ finds a home in live readings.

Context, interpretation, and application

Behind many of the debates that Christians have about the Bible, there is an important but unstated assumption: that interpretation is inseparable from application and that context is important to both.


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