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The Great Burning

The Necessity of Reconciliation Between the Church and Indigenous Communities for Ecological and Relational Healing One of the themes for this summer’s Lambeth Conference is...

General Synod and A Word to the Church

It could be argued that if we had all gone home after voting on these affirmations, much of the pain that resulted from General Synod’s other decisions could have been avoided and we may have been the better for it. But as it happened, we proceeded to the debate and vote on the marriage canon amendment, the failure of which unleashed an avalanche of protest, accusation, and ill will that in many ways will form the lasting characterization of General Synod 2019 for many of those who were present.

Testing the Spirits: Catholicity and the Marriage Amendment

The vote on the marriage canon amendment is well known, but we will also be considering resolutions on indigenous self-determination and the stewardship of God’s creation. They are all connected.

The Loss of the Past and the Strange Future

Voices of the Plains Cree by the Rev. Edward Ahenakew (1885-1961) is essential reading for Canadian seminarians.

Christian Discipleship in Northern Canada

I determined at the outset that Christian teaching must have concrete purchase on the lives of Christian people.

Deep faith: A conversation with Bishop Mark MacDonald

"My travels fill me with hope because I see a depth of faith, and a reality to faith, that is hard to see outside of Indigenous communities."


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