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indigenous peoples

GC80 Plans Fewer Resolutions, Limited Debate

The deadline for resolutions is June 6, and most committee hearings will be held before the convention formally begins.

Bishop Loya Honors Indigenous Homecoming

Nine Lakota children return home a century after their death at a residential boarding school.

Updated: Bishop Ouster Adds to Mass-Grave Shock

No specific reason was given for the action against Lincoln McKoen of the Territory of the People.

Archbishops to Review New Zealand Seminary Culture

New Zealand’s troubled Anglican theological college is back in the spotlight. The province’s three archbishops have announced that they will undertake a review of...

God’s Word in Northern Canada

Bill Jancewicz has spent a quarter-century living in and around Kawawachikamach, translating the New Testament into Naskapi, an indigenous language spoken by just over 1,000 people.

Bishop and Priests Oppose Telescope Project in Hawaii

Native Hawaiians say the $1.4 billion Thirty Meter Telescope would disrupt a site that they hold sacred.

Indigenous Anglicans Get More Autonomy in Canada

The Anglican Church of Canada has established a self-determining Indigenous church within its own polity, and elevated National Indigenous Anglican Bishop Mark MacDonald to...

Same-Sex Marriage Canon Narrowly Fails in Canada

The Anglican Church of Canada fell two votes short of approving a canon that would have authorized ACoC priests to perform same-sex marriages.

#Canada150 and #Resistance150

Primate Fred Hiltz reflects on Canada’s sesquicentennial.

Reconciliation in Canada

Thousands gathered to hear survivor testimonies, celebrate Indigenous culture and resilience, and work toward reconciliation.


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