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indigenous ministry

Executive Council Supports Indigenous Initiatives

Studying Episcopal complicity in Indigenous boarding schools, and developing Indigenous clergy and lay leaders.

Canadian Indigenous Church Charts Its Own Path

Continuing a decades-long movement toward greater self-determination, Indigenous leaders have introduced a set of foundational texts for Canada’s Indigenous Anglican Church. The texts, which...

Former South Dakota Bishop John Tarrant Dies at 68

By Kirk Petersen The Rt. Rev. John T. Tarrant, who retired last year as the X Bishop of South Dakota, died on August 24 of...

Canada’s Indigenous Anglicans Hold 6/5 Virtual Jamboree

National Indigenous Archbishop Mark MacDonald will host a digital recreation of a cherished tradition of shared song, prayer and testimony to bring hope to Canada's pandemic-battered native peoples. Airs Friday, June 5 at 6:00 Eastern Time.

God’s Word in Northern Canada

Bill Jancewicz has spent a quarter-century living in and around Kawawachikamach, translating the New Testament into Naskapi, an indigenous language spoken by just over 1,000 people.

Hope on the Ground

Bishop John Tarrant: “You can be the body of Christ if you choose to be the body of Christ.”

Openings at the Church Center

The Episcopal Church Center seeks a missioner for indigenous ministries and a manager for language services.


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