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Rome & Canterbury

This January I participated in a unique pilgrimage and summit, “Growing Together,” sponsored by the International Anglican-Roman Catholic Commission for Unity and Mission (IARCCUM)....

Malines Group Focuses on Order

“Can it be said that the church of Christ subsistit in the Anglican Communion?”

Moving closer, inch by inch

The sheer improbability of an Anglican Evensong at St. Peter’s seemed to show all those present that God really is at work in our two communions.

Incompatible ecumenism? Dialogues on communion, ordination, and primacy

Have Anglicans made incompatible commitments to different Christian churches in ecumenical dialogue?

Feeding God together: An ecumenism of mercy

When Christians come together to serve the Lord in works of mercy, something very beautiful happens. Our eyes move from our all-too-present divisions to touching Christ in one of the only ways we can together: as he comes to us in the poor.

A pilgrimage to Canterbury and Rome, personal and ecumenical

It is my belief that as we enter more fully into relationship, in common ministry, old difficulties will be seen in a new light and be given a different and more hopeful context for resolution. My time on pilgrimage has given me a renewed vision and a new energy for the task that lies ahead.

Growing in faith, unity, and mission?

With unclear lines of authority, can Anglicans and Roman Catholics share in the mission of the Word and kingdom of God in their respective contexts?


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