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Firearm Spirituality

Lessons from a 30-06 For MW By Will Brown  I am a hunter. I have written a fair amount about hunting from a theological point of view. Among...

On Hunting

By Chip Prehn Sir Roger Scruton, who died too young last January, came late to fox-hunting but made up for this by becoming one of...

Order of Naucratius Nets Big Haul for the Needy

Members of the order commit to a rule of life, which includes commitment to prayer, conservation of natural resources and “giving a significant share of their harvest to those who are hungry.”

A catechism of Nature (3): Edge effect

We were again on the edge of something exceeding our competence, a patchwork of boundaries.

Blood on My Hands

Being a Hunter and a Christian Clergyman • By Will Brown

Blood on my hands: being a hunter and a Christian clergyman

A foray into vegetarianism during high school was inspired by Tolstoy. His argument ran as follows: you know that you can be perfectly healthy without eating meat; so, if you eat meat, you are doing it to gratify your appetite at the expense of the lives of animals.


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