Colorado Nominates Three

A rector in the nation’s capital, a missioner in Minneapolis, and Colorado’s canon to the ordinary are nominees to become Bishop of Colorado.

Bishops Kill Seminaries Inquiry

Bishops have defeated Resolution A007 that proposed investigating how Episcopal seminaries operate in areas from budgeting to sharing their resources.

Bishops Approve MeToo Response

“We seek to shift our institutional life from one which benefits a few at the expense of others, and more determinedly live our baptismal vows following the way of Jesus.”

‘Marriage for the Whole Church’

A proposed resolution provides for same-sex wedding liturgies in all dioceses “while respecting the pastoral direction and conscience of the local bishop.”

Four Nominees in Europe

The Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe has announced four nominees in its search for the next bishop in charge.

Two Nominees in Kansas

The search committee in the Diocese of Kansas chose three nominees, but one withdrew soon after the slate was presented to the council of trustees.