Church Program Reaches At-Risk Youth in COVID Crisis

The Arts and Acceptance project at St. Luke's-in-the-Fields in New York, which provides a space space and resources for LGBT homeless teens, is adapting its activities to support a population deeply threatened during the current crisis.

ETHICS: Homelessness

To be homeless is not simply to be without shelter, but to be deprived of the stable foundation and dignity which is basic for living life in all its fullness.

They Made Me An Artist

For 21 years, this weekly ritual of faith, food, fellowship, and creativity has attracted homeless and housed artists of varying skill levels, as well as volunteers who help everything go smoothly.

Safety in a Church’s Parking Lot

Foxes have dens and birds have nests, but a homelessness crisis of “epic and heartbreaking proportions” in Los Angeles is bringing weary people to a Koreatown church parking lot.

Flood Relief in California

St. Paul’s in Healdsburg, California, was ready to help homeless people set adrift again by rising waters.

Homeless No More

The Rev. Linda Kaufman helps more than 100,000 Americans find homes.