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Church Sues Oregon City Over Homeless Ministry

A Brookings city ordinance would limit St. Timothy's to serving two free meals per week.

Bishop Urges Use of Church Land for Homeless

Needy people could enjoy the therapeutic benefits of gardening.

Synod Takes Up Poverty

Bishop Stephen Conway: “If anything were to happen to me, then my cat stands a better chance [of receiving care] than the average homeless person.”

Feeding God together: An ecumenism of mercy

When Christians come together to serve the Lord in works of mercy, something very beautiful happens. Our eyes move from our all-too-present divisions to touching Christ in one of the only ways we can together: as he comes to us in the poor.

Global Briefs for Nov. 11

Church of South India strives to help the disabled.

Senator Praises Zion House

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand: “I think Zion House is a perfect example of what works.”


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