This four-digit number is a hashtag, a death toll, and a call to action.

One Baptism

Roman Catholics and Coptic Orthodox Christians recognize each other’s sacrament of baptism.

Task Group Deepens Ties

Archbishop Richard Clarke: “We have been examining what differences mean at a practical level.”

Pray for Officer Wagstaff

Bishop Martin Field requests prayers for an Episcopalian severely wounded in his work as a police officer.

Healing Words for Baton Rouge

Fr. Bryan Owen: “Perfect love looks like Jesus, who reached out to strangers to draw them into the family of God.”

Rivers of Tears

Australia’s Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has a lot of work ahead.

Md. Welcomes Bishop Knudsen

Evensong will celebrate the arrival of Chilton R. Knudsen, a bishop with a ministry in recovery and healing.