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A New Grace for Meals

By John Mason Lock Our family devotions include a practice that we’ve been using for almost a decade. In sharing it here, I do not...

Seeds of Thanksgiving

By Jonathan Turtle A decade ago now as a seminarian finding his way back into the Anglicanism of his childhood I, along with my wife, landed...

Is Our Gratitude Alone Enough?

By Calvin Lane Everyone here is just more than contented to be  living and dying in three quarter time. Jimmy Buffet, “Nautical Wheelers” Through bleary eyes, the...

The Pass the Peace Project

We need peace now more than ever, and we shouldn’t let our inability to gather in person keep us from passing it back and forth.

Unintended Blessings of the Pandemic

Many of us, in addition to much prayer (and, to be honest, not a little worry), have started to think about some of the potential benefits of this experience of pandemic.

How to give God a gift

We want to glorify God by giving him everything we have. What could we possibly give him that would amplify in any way the radiance that he already possesses?

To blaze his Name abroad

"Let us blaze his Name abroad, For of gods he is the God; For his mercies ay endure, Ever faithful, ever sure."

Cultivating Gratitude

Taking stock of how much kindness you’ve received is a reminder of God’s blessings.

TBT: Christian Thanksgiving in 1968

By the mercy of God, the republic still stands. His Church stands. His promise of forgiveness and hope, of pardon and peace through Jesus Christ, stands.

Visiting Jesus in a Hospital

I was struck by how this man constantly praised God for being so good to him.


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