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Adoption, generosity, and the kingdom

Mutual restraint and generosity enabled this event to be plainly and obviously one of God’s own kingdom, where adoption is a dream for God’s people (Romans 8:23).

The gospel ain’t about you, but it is for you

Craig Uffman finds my explanation of Reformation teaching reductionistic. I find it puzzling that he rejects the idea that the gospel is primarily for us.

The gospel ain’t about you

The gospel is the proclamation that “the crucified and risen Jesus is the Messiah of Israel and therefore the Lord of the world.” And the time is ripe for a preaching ministry that reflects this gospel and equips the saints for the holy life which is our spiritual worship.

Grace, grace, and grace: how to battle Osteenism in our time

We must take the Osteen out of our own eyes before we go looking to remove it from our neighbor's.

Verbal Kwest Raps the Gospel

By Rodney Reinhart Verbal Kwest tells stories of suffering and pain and of Christ’s healing and grace.

No Rescue Required

Review by Jonathan Mitchican The future of the Church is not to be found in our efforts to make it more relevant or attractive.

The third option

Reflecting on the tragedy in Libya

Firmly I believe

A report, and a sermon by Ephraim Radner, from Nashotah House’s “Justification in Anglican Life & Thought: Retrospect and Prospect.”


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