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In memory and anticipation of Robert W. Jenson

One of America’s greatest theologians, Robert W. Jenson, died Sept. 5 in Princeton at age 87.

A few notes on heresy, orthodoxy, and common witness in the Church’s churches

Adjudicating discipline and orthodoxy in the divided churches is profoundly complicated, especially for the “inferior” and “weaker” member-communities of the body.

‘Say it with your chest’: Proclaiming the supremacy of Christ in the face of white supremacy

God’s love calls us out from our biases, sins, and prejudices into the beloved community whose unity testifies to God’s desire to reconcile the world to himself through his Son.

A practical question on law/gospel

Grace underlines all of what we do in school, but it is always a grace that assumes action and discipline.

500 years after Luther, the law/gospel insight remains almost true

Luther's understanding of the gospel has a tremendous liberating appeal, but also grave hermeneutical consequences.

Easter is bonkers

God despises bores. Easter reminds us of this. Put the redemption of the world into our hands, and we’d come up with something unimaginative, uninspiring, and probably much too believable.

Rediscover the gospel

For the sake of mission, we need to rediscover the gospel that the BCP empowers us to pray.

Orlando travesty

The travesty of the predominant Orlando narrative is devastating because it questions many peoples' real charitable motives in the aftermath.

The real secrets of successful pastors

Fr. Jonathan Mitchican considers the four secrets of successful pastors.

Sons of Anarchy and the absence of grace

Sons of Anarchy is first and foremost a show about what it is like to live in a world without grace, a world where the law reigns and the Gospel is in short supply.


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