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Imagination, the Gospel, and Impossible Situations

In our disputes, we might need to recall that holiness dwells precisely in ambiguity.

Pipelines, Perspectives, and Loving Our Neighbor

On the Trans Mountain Pipeline, Christians advocate on both sides of the debate. As with so many political realities today, we are engulfed and enlisted by our society’s divisions.

Aretha Franklin: Gospel Preacher

August 16, the world lost one of the great preachers of the gospel.

Getting Saved

Is our gospel really the good news of Jesus?

The Episcopal Church and Liberty

The gospel of Christ offers a greater vision of liberty than resorting to defining ourselves. The gospel rests on the promise that God, who on the sixth day spoke us into being, beheld us, and called us very good.

How to Be Political

We need to disabuse ourselves of the notion that interest in politics is merely a hobby.

The Gospel and the Works of God

In Acts 15, St. James and the Jerusalem Council take for granted that Gentile Christians will do just this: follow the commands of God.

Revival! Episcopal Evangelism and Billy Graham’s Legacy

Under the leadership of Presiding Bishop Michael Curry, evangelism has been moved to the front of the Episcopal Church’s agenda.

Truth-telling in a transparent world

Authenticity is an amendment of your life such that the opinions of others cease to define your self-valuation and identity.

The gospel according to Rite I

Grace — that is what Rite I communicates. Its Comfortable Words confirm it.


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