General Seminary’s Two Paths

Kurt Dunkle: “One bishop recently reflected that the Wisdom Year residency is like an old-fashioned curacy. Amen!”

GTS Posts Mediation Update

Committee represents students, staff, faculty, Board of Trustees, spouses and partners, and alumni.

Fly Your GTS Flag

The seven-stripe design is similar to the scarf style of Jesus College, Oxford, founded in 1571.

Professors Return to GTS

GTS Dean and President Kurt H. Dunkle refers to seven of eight professors returning to work.

GTS 8 Want an Arbiter

The Rev. Amy Bentley Lamborn discusses GTS professors’ concerns in more detail.

GTS Talks Hit Snag

GTS 8: “A four-person committee chaired by an outspoken critic is not going to rectify” the school’s conflicts.