$210K for Deputies’ President

Executive Council has voted to provide compensation to the president of the House of Deputies in the amount of $210,000 per year.

EDEIO Publishes Resolutions Guide

The organization Episcopal Diocesan Ecumenical and Interreligious Officers offers perspectives on relevant resolutions to be considered at General Convention.

Ideas for Israel-Palestine Debate

Bishops and deputies have issued recommendations to enable “a prayerful, thoughtful and respectful engagement that facilitates genuine discernment.”

Time for a President’s Salary?

General Convention will include a faceoff between bishops and deputies about whether the church should pay a salary to the president of the House of Deputies.

Bishops Invite #MeToo Accounts

In an open letter, the House of Bishops’ two officers invite Episcopalians to share their reflections on sexual harassment, abuse, and exploitation.