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Church Publishes 2018 Canons

The 2018 edition of the Constitution and Canons is available is free in digital form or $35 for a paper copy.

What Is ‘Impaired Communion’?

A meaningful distinction has opened between congregations with different teachings and practices on Christian marriage, and concomitantly between dioceses and bishops.

Christmas and Humility in Las Posadas

Fred Clarkson: “This is a way of really engaging the biblical story and really engaging the gift of Hispanic culture. And that’s the gift that it offers.”

Deputies’ President Responds to Albany

Gay Clark Jennings: “When we celebrate [LGBTQ] marriages, the entire church is blessed by the love and fidelity of these faithful couples.”

Seeking Local Context

Executive Council sets sights on connecting with work on the ground.

Giving Thanks for the Cuban Church

The work of welcome continues for Episcopalians who love the church in Cuba.

Albany Clergy Discuss Same-sex Marriage

Bishop William Love: “Whatever decision I and or the rest of the Church make regarding B012, there will be consequences.”

Much Ado about Bishops

A number of largely unnoticed #GC79 resolutions related to TEC's bishops.

#GC79 Highlight: ‘¡No están solas!’

About 900 Episcopalians sent messages of hope and solidarity to more than 500 migrant women detained a federal facility.

#GC79 Highlight: New Life for Old Boots

Members of Episcopal Church Women used 100 boots as Texas-style table decorations at its 49th Triennial Meeting in Austin and as donations afterward.


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