Diocese of Cuba in 2021?

More discussions suggest reunification of the Cuban church with the Episcopal Church may happen — but not anytime soon.

Deans Oppose Seminary Investigation

Lisa Kimball of VTS: “[A] mandated resolution that begins with the word investigation … is far more likely to foster skepticism, resentment, suspicion, and ultimately resistance.”

PB&F Kicks Off Hearings

On the evening of July 5, several dozen Episcopalians offered two-minute testimonies to the Joint Standing Committee on Program, Budget, and Finance.

Cohabitation Conundrums

Resolution A087 promises to pay for materials to guide “persons entering into sexually intimate relationships other than marriage.”

Let the Earth Sprout

General Convention committees are exploring how the church might launch and nurture congregations centered on sustainable farming.

A Covenant for Cuba?

A proposal from the House of Deputies could delay a more complete reunion with the Episcopal Church of Cuba.