Bishops Approve MeToo Response

“We seek to shift our institutional life from one which benefits a few at the expense of others, and more determinedly live our baptismal vows following the way of Jesus.”

‘Help God End a Nightmare’

Hundreds of Episcopalians and others heard emotional witness from the family of Carmen Schentrup, who died in a Parkland, Florida, mass shooting on Ash Wednesday.

Director Fees for the PHoD

The House of Bishops approved a resolution authorizing “director and officer fees” for the president of the House of Deputies, a demanding job that has always been filled by a volunteer.

Diocese of Cuba in 2021?

More discussions suggest reunification of the Cuban church with the Episcopal Church may happen — but not anytime soon.

Deans Oppose Seminary Investigation

Lisa Kimball of VTS: “[A] mandated resolution that begins with the word investigation … is far more likely to foster skepticism, resentment, suspicion, and ultimately resistance.”

PB&F Kicks Off Hearings

On the evening of July 5, several dozen Episcopalians offered two-minute testimonies to the Joint Standing Committee on Program, Budget, and Finance.