Deputies: ¡Cuba Sí!

Pragedes Coromoto Jimenez de Salazar: “The Jesus Movement is based on respect, diversity, solidarity, inclusivity, and love.”

20 Minutes on Racial Justice

Edwin Johnson: “I would love to see the heart of our church be more centered around the experiences of those who are most vulnerable.”

Going Long on Guns

Joshua Farrier: “If we want to effect some sort of change within companies and how companies perform, we have to do it from within.”

Deputies Move on MeToo, Israel

The House of Deputies has passed a substitute resolution to shed light on the harassment and exploitation of women in the church.

All Access, No DEPO

The House of Deputies declines to give DEPO-granting authority to bishops on grounds of historic marriage doctrine.

Many Bishops Reticent on Revision

David Rice: “I have no idea where we’re going to be nine or 12 years’ time, but … it’s not going to be contained in a book.”