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The Untold Story of the Women of GAFCON

The women of GAFCON and their opinions and ministry have largely been ignored in the last decade of the Anglican Communion’s life.

How GAFCON Decides: Statements and the Future of the Communion

Update: Read here the letter to the churches from GAFCON 2018. By Esau McCaulley For most Christians in the United States, today will be another Friday....

GAFCON 2018: ‘Letter to the Churches’

To proclaim the gospel, we must first defend the gospel against threats from without and within.

GAFCON Announces Plans for Synod

The newly created GAFCON synod will consist of three members from each province and fellowship of GAFCON.

Kenya Ponders Future with GAFCON

"If GAFCON creates parallel structures what does this mean for the Communion? Are we heading into a separate church? If that is the direction, are we happy to wake up one day and say that we are not a part of the Anglican Communion? I do not think that we have arrived at that stage."

Why GAFCON Matters: Thoughts on the Opening of GAFCON 2018

GAFCON is clearly here to stay. Questions remain about the role it will play in the lives and ministries of its supporters and detractors.


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