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Summing Up Benedict XVI

By Victor Lee Austin The earthly life of Pope Benedict XVI has come to an end and his body has been committed to its resting...

Painting Exclusively in Green

The biblical doctrines of imago Dei and the physical resurrection of the dead merit consideration, but they receive none.

Elizabeth The Gracious

By Graham Kings The Queen is dead. Long live the King. These ancient, traditional words turn amidst the churning. Simultaneously, they brusquely announce a heart-rending fact...

The Church and the Cycle of Life

By Scott A. Ruthven As an Air Force Reserve Chaplain, I was given the opportunity to serve in a deployed setting as a Wing Chaplain....

Christian Burial: Dividing up Cremains and other Troubling Habits

By Calvin Lane Over the past generation American Christians, including and perhaps especially Episcopalians, have increasingly favored cremation over casket burial. This shift has happened...

On Good Funerals

What are some “best practices” for the ritual observance of a Christian's death that we should strive not to surrender to the secular culture?

Clergy Adapt to Online Funerals, and Find Benefits

The lack of personal contact is regrettable, but an online funeral broadens the pool of far-flung friends and family who can participate.

Graveside Thoughts

By Bryan Owen Every now and then the church gets a call for a priest to conduct a graveside service. It could be for someone...

On the Death of a Beloved Animal

By Jean McCurdy Meade When we were children, and as we raised our children, we often observed burials in our back yards when a dear pet...

Parting Words

If you’re keen on speaking from across the veil, there’s an app for that.


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