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Fully Alive

Continuing the discussion on marriage: the TFSM, Augustine, and a new essay

The Episcopal Church's consideration of marriage continues on, and Fr. Jeremy Bergstrom has offered an essay in response to Fully Alive, discussing Augustine's view of marriage.

ATR Dialogue Continues

Zachary Guiliano responds to three critiques of Fully Alive.

St. Augustine and Marriage

Zachary Guiliano: “They can’t skewer us on one passage of Scripture and one Church Father.”

Scripture and Sexuality

Two professors at Episcopal seminaries discuss the approach taken by the Task Force on the Study of Marriage.

Fully Alive responds critically to Marriage Task Force

The report contains serious historical, methodological, and theological flaws, and we contend that the proposed changes obscure the nature of marriage.

Fully Alive Debuts in ATR

The Anglican Theological Review has published the first of several essays planned by a new initiative, Fully Alive.


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