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Fresh Expressions

Church Planting, Victorian Style

The Rev. Steve Rice reviews Anglo-Catholic Church Planting: Can It Work?

‘Filling People with God’

Fresh Expressions fosters Christian community among people who are unlikely to enter a steepled building on a Sunday morning.

Is Anglicanism growing or dying? Statistics, the C of E, and the Anglican Communion

Is the Church of England dying? Is Anglicanism in much of the Global North on the way out? The answers to these questions are not simple.

Missional missteps in Texas?

Can "missional communities" only define themselves negatively against "traditional" parishes?

The Church of England’s Trinitarian schizophrenia: Full, visible unity or Fresh Expressions?

Does God the Trinity want you to form a rugby club? Or a parish? The C of E can't decide.

Mission: foreign and domestic

When I was growing up in church in the 1950s and 1960s I would often hear about how our congregation was connected to the work of missionaries. Basically, the idea was that there were two kinds of places in the world: one, like ours, where most people were Christians, and the other, usually far away, where most people weren’t.

‘No Longer Messing About’

By Philip Harrold • No report from the Church of England has sold so well or generated so much reflection as Mission-shaped Church.

Punched Back

Review by Tony Hunt The first half of For the Parish is a sustained polemic against Fresh Expressions, a popularizing church movement in the U.K.


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