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Every Idol Demands Human Sacrifice

By Clint Wilson These past few years of American cultural life have provided the preconditions for what could become what the Romans called a bellum...

Consumer Culture and Authentic Freedom

Whether it’s religions or potential mates, in the end everything is a product: one choice among many in the supermarket of personal values. And the individual is the neutral, liberated consumer who can take their pick from the shelves.In other words, we have inculcated in our pupils an ideological analogue to consumer capitalism. And there is nothing neutral about that at all.

What’s Free? Black Freedom, the Gospel of Jesus, and Its Competitors

Black freedom will come through an open-eyed engagement with the powers of this world with the sure confidence that God is with us because our cause is just.

Freedom and Popular Culture

R.R. Reno worries that an American dream of unbounded liberty lets us distort created reality and cruelly neglect those whose “destinies were largely fixed at birth.”

Denigrating Bishops’ Conscience: A Brief History

The unfortunate denigration of the episcopate in the American Church seems to occur now on a 20-year cycle.

The Episcopal Church and Liberty

The gospel of Christ offers a greater vision of liberty than resorting to defining ourselves. The gospel rests on the promise that God, who on the sixth day spoke us into being, beheld us, and called us very good.

With Great Freedom Comes Responsibility

Freedom for excellence means pursuing what is most appropriate for our good.

A compelling invitation to life

Jesus is power seen in humility, and he offers freedom expressed in loving service.

On obedience: We need an abbot

Obedience is a choice to take responsibility for our life. An abbot keeps us accountable.

Craft beer & G.K. Chesterton’s ‘theology of imbibing’

Given Episcopal problems with alcohol, we need a coherent and compelling theology and practice of imbibing.


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