Who Me? On Being A Mentor

Don’t be too worried about the “things” of ministry. Worry instead about how you move through the parish in all your holy particularity, slowly learning the contours of your gifts as well as your limitations. That's where the magic is.

Mind Your Manners

Church’s Office of Government Relations issues curriculum for greater civil discourse.

Tune in to Formation

Chris Yaw’s ChurchNext takes an entrepreneurial approach to Christian education.

Refreshing the Spirit

Richard Foster, Nathan Foster, and Sharon Garlough Brown apply Christian disciplines to contemporary life.

Education that Crosses Divides

Wesley Hill: “Our experience of praying together is challenging us to reach across other kinds of impaired communion.”

Storytellers and Transformation

Marvin A. McMickle: “God is not just entrusting the story to us. God is entrusting the congregation’s time to us.”