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A Relatable Rendition of Religious Life

The Rev. Dr. Cole Hartin reviews Shelterbelts.

They Ran Out of Wine: A Short Story

It rained the whole way for the four-hour drive from Chicago’s O’Hare airport to the wedding venue. I was driving a huge beast of...

Coleridge: Christina Rossetti’s Anglo-Catholicism, Chichester’s new workshop for liturgical art, and Cormac McCarthy’s contemptus mundi

Coleridge is a monthly digest of significant developments in theology and the arts. Music In “Spiritual Renewal and Modern Choral Music,” Michael De Sapio praises the...

The Christmas Ham

Not a true story By Amber Noel I’m in the middle of telling this really funny long-form joke, and I’ve just served up my famous Christmas...

Jim Thompson and the Killer Inside Us All

We prefer to think that evil is something “bad people” do, and that these bad people are easily recognizable. We see a mug shot on the news and say “Oh, he looks like a child molester, like a mass shooter, like a serial killer, like a bad person. Or as often as not today we think of evil as that perpetrated only by our political opposites. We describe such people as “inhuman” or “deplorable”, descriptors that gives us the relief of distance. The guise evil wears is, of course, always that of someone else.

Westminster Abbey to Honor Wodehouse, Sir

The Guardian: “Westminster Abbey’s plans to dedicate a memorial to P.G. Wodehouse 43 years after his death have been welcomed by the Wodehouse Society.”

The Church Isn’t Fiction

Keep in contact with real things — the actual people around you, the actual place where you live, the actual God who underpins and suffuses all — and you’ll be inoculated against relativism.

The Loose Ends of Life

For Rose Macaulay in The Towers of Trebizond, a story of moral seriousness couldn’t afford to tie up everything neatly.

Spiritual but not religious

Philip Pullman has written an ambitious but plodding YA story for adults.

Genesis Meets Vicksburg

The title of Bishop Kee Sloan’s novel comes from Genesis, when Jacob wrestles God on the “ford of the Jabbock.”


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