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Love and Fear: For Good Friday

By Neil Dhingra Now imagine a film projected not on a screen but on a rubbish dump. The story of Jesus — which in its...

Fear at the Resurrection

It’s a little uncomfortable, perhaps even embarrassing, that the disciples were afraid on Easter Day.

All we, like turtles: my journeys with Psalm 23

Sister Mary Margaret Funk carries her home — her spiritual center, her place of connection with God — wherever she goes.

A conversation with a storm

When I felt I had seen its worst, I had something to say to the storm: “I am not afraid of you!”

A ‘Hate Crime’ that Barked

Organist Nathan Stang faces a misdemeanor count of institutional criminal mischief for faux hate graffiti.

Five narratives on Donald Trump

Let us consider the main competing narratives that are already emerging.

Free to worship him without fear

We say we are free, but more of us feel alone, afraid, angry, despised, and powerless.

The terror of the Nativity

Here is Isaac’s Fear revealed; here is Jacob’s ladder stretched out; here the prince of this world looks on, agape.

Bishop Curry on Refugees

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry: “The larger truth is that our ultimate security comes from God in Christ.”

Do not be afraid: An Advent meditation

In the narratives of Jesus’ birth, one of the most striking elements is the angelic imperative “Do not be afraid!” It sounds forth time and again like a musical refrain.


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