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An Open Letter to Orphaned Believers

Wearied by seemingly endless discord in the church and numb to the chaos of our political climate, I was beginning to feel like I...

On Evangelical Deconstruction and Anglican Vocation

By Dane Neufeld Deconstruction is a phrase and idea that has gained momentum recently in evangelical circles. Though I am not deeply acquainted with the...

The Asbury Revival

On February 8, after what had been a regularly scheduled chapel service at Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky, something unexpected took place: the students...

Fletcher Sex Abuse Scandal Roils C of E Evangelicals

In 30 years as vicar of Emmanuel Church Wimbledon, the Rev. Jonathan Fletcher, now 78, is alleged to have engaged in naked beatings, swimming, and massages, as well as other sexual misconduct, and bullying and "spiritual abuse." Fletcher, who played a prominent role in the conservative evangelical movement, was a leader of the since-closed Iwerne Camp, a Christian camp that catered to participants from top boarding schools.

Soul Survivor Festival Ends 26-Year Run in Church of England

These large summer youth festivals led by Canon Mike Pilavachi have introduced mainstream charismatic worship in the Church of England, and led to many vocations to ordained ministry.

Listening to Converts

We would do well to listen to converts, hear their stories, and come to a deeper appreciation of the church we have to steward and the gospel we have to share.

Post-evangelicals and the Episcopal Church

The Episcopal Church has the opportunity to embody a different way. We are a Christian church, founded upon the gospel of Jesus. We need not give in to the politics of fear and exclusion, whether they come in the garb of the right or of the left.

Rise in Glory: Billy Graham

Randall Balmer: “Even in his 80s, he [possessed] the boyish charm and unprepossessing demeanor to communicate with the masses.”

Evangelical Groups to Merge

The Fellowship of Word & Spirit and Reform will become part of the Church Society.

Evangelicals: The missing piece in the Episcopal Church

The relative absence of evangelicals is one reason the Episcopal Church has become a poorer and far less representative place.


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