Campus Ministers Engage Spiritually Curious

Some college students had positive Bible study experiences, while others are itching to confront or argue with Biblical passages they find troubling or offensive. All need a campus ministry that gives them a chance to engage.

A Puzzling Editorial

Five ecumenists challenge TLC’s editorial on communion between the Episcopal Church and the United Methodist Church.

4 Bishops Reflect on Advent

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry and three of his counterparts have worked on a set of weekly devotions for Advent.

ELCA Pastor to Lead EDS

The Rev. William C. Nelsen, a former college president, to be interim president of Episcopal Divinity School.

ELCA Approves Declaration

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America’s Churchwide Assembly moves toward greater unity with Roman Catholics.

Hawaiians Dispute Graham

Church leaders decry “intolerant and xenophobic reactionary response to societal and global change.”