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eucharistic sacrifice

Fistfuls of Tears, Fistfuls of Joy

By Steve Rice When you do something over and over, it sometimes requires a bit of effort to mentally engage with what you are doing....

The Loss of Ritual in Coronatide

A version of this was originally presented August 20, 2020, as part of a webinar on the role of Liturgy and Music in Formation,...

The Sacrifice of the Mass on Sundays During Coronatide

By Will Brown The inability of Christians to gather for corporate worship, and the restrictions under which corporate worship must take place where it is...

Eucharistic Participation and Pastoral Care

By Thomas Plant The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed deep cleavages within society and the Church. The suspension of public liturgies and physical distancing requirements have...

Spiritual Sacrifices: A Sermon for Seminarians

Only in light of the confession of Jesus as Lord can we come to a right understanding of who we are. The church is indeed holy, a temple enabled to offer sacrifice. But its holiness is derivative of his, its sacrifice is the pleading of his for the sake of the world.

Orientation and eucharistic sacrifice: Continuing a discussion

In this offering, we return the whole of creation, including ourselves, to the Father.


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