Remembering a Broken Body

As churches return to in-person worship, alongside questions about the logistics of worshiping safely will be questions about presence and absence. The ambivalence many Christians feel about what words prayed over bread and wine can do won’t go away.

Communion with Christ and One Another in a Time of Pandemic

Sewanee's Julia Gatta on the Daily Office and the Eucharist-God's sustaining giftss for his people in all times. "God continues to reach out to us, supplying the strength we need to weather our losses. Christ is our companion in joy and sorrow, life and death. Even in physical isolation, we are not alone: Christ is with us along with the whole communion of saints who belong to him.

Bishops Withhold Common Cup in Response to Coronavirus

Bishops in at least four dioceses have ordered parish clergy to administer Holy Communion in bread only, while others discourage intinction and other worship practices that could encourage the spread of the coronavirus.

‘Something to Celebrate’

Theodicy Jazz Collective opened with “Siyahamba,” the song from South Africans’ long struggle against apartheid.

God Is in the Neighborhood

Allan Crite was a painter of urban life. Much less familiar are his works devoted to Christian themes such as the illustrations he did for a small volume on the Mass published by Cowley Press.