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“You brood of vipers!” The lost art of denunciation

We can go wrong by not preaching against things. Most preachers (and I include myself in this category) are cowards.

The ethics of travel

I write from the road, on the latest of my long trips for the Living Church Foundation. It leads me to wonder about the proper movement of Christians on the earth.

Superman and Moral Pedagogy

Review by Benjamin M. Guyer • What happens when we strip reproduction of its majesty and mystery?

A response to Ephraim Radner

Arguing about the rightness of same-sex marriage distracts us from our theological task, and is the least fruitful way to cultivate the virtue of Christian community.

Honest Speech on Torture

Review by Ken Ross It is good to feel the terrible, heavy burden of those charged with keeping us safe.

Mourdock, rape, and Christian hope

Is rape "something that God intended to happen"?


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