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Advent, The Four Last Things: Death

No one has ever died as completely as Jesus.

Disappointment with Church in the Middle Years

What do I do with my disappointment with the Church?

Assumption, Coronation

August 15 gives Anglicans an opportunity to celebrate St. Mary the Virgin, Mother of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

The saints will judge the world

The kingdom of God will come in the way of revolution.

No safe place except hope: A scriptural response to the Anthropocene

We are told in Scripture of a time of judgment, not in order to despair, but in order to be true.

CDSP Hires Scott MacDougall

Fordham scholar will be Church Divinity School of the Pacific’s visiting assistant professor of theology.

The end repeats the beginning

The liturgy is a ritual enactment of the Last Day, a corporate enactment of our collective hope. But it also mirrors the beginning of days.

Ecumenism’s Strange Future

By Robert W. Jenson • Cardinal Ratzinger used to say that overcoming the Church’s divisions would require a great intervention of the Spirit.

Ex. 19-21; Ps. 23; Matt. 24

The third of three meditations I have written for the Center for Biblical Studies


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