4 Nominees for Newark

In the search for its 11th bishop, the Diocese of Newark has nominated a slate of two women serving as priests in Texas and two men serving is priests in and near the nation’s capital.

Arizonans Seek 6th Bishop

The Bishop Search Committee for the Sixth Bishop of Arizona has released the diocesan profile and announced that it is now accepting applications.

Bp. Hollerith to Retire 12/31

"I think it will be healthy for Southern Virginia to have a short break between diocesans. Fortunately, there is a wonderful, capable bishop with a North Carolina mountain accent who will be in residence in Southern Virginia."

Texas Begins Suffragan Search

The Diocese of Texas has launched a website for seeking the next suffragan bishop to oversee the diocese’s west region.

Convocation Releases Profile

The Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe has released its profile and is ready to receive names in the search for its next bishop-in-charge.

Two Nominees for Bethlehem

The Diocese of Bethlehem has nominated two priests for the election of its ninth bishop: the Rev. Canon Kevin D. Nichols and the Rev. Canon Ruth Woodliff-Stanley.