6th Nominee in S.E. Florida

The Rev. Canon Martin W. Zlatic of Boynton Beach is a nominee by petition in the Diocese of Southeast Florida.

S.E. Florida Nominates 5

Slate for the Miami-based diocease draws from Colorado, Florida, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Virginia.

West Texas Picks Six

Six clergy of the Diocese of West Texas are potential nominees for bishop coadjutor.

El Salvador Elects Alvarado

The Anglican Church of El Salvador has chosen the Rev. David Alvarado of San Salvador as its new bishop.

W. Texas Seeks Nominees

The Diocese of West Texas has released a profile and welcomes nominees as it searches for a bishop coadjutor.

S.E. Florida Seeks Nominees

The Diocese of Southeast Florida has released a profile and is accepting nominations for a bishop coadjutor.