EDS Lives On at Union

Episcopal Divinity School will be based at Union Theological Seminary beginning in the fall of 2018.

EDS Leaders Like Union

Board chairs say their belief “has only grown stronger” about affiliation with Union Theological Seminary.

Kindred Spirits

Episcopal Divinity School sees Union Theological Seminary as an anchor for its future.

EDS Net Assets Drop 11%

Trustees have “redoubled our commitment to finding a more sustainable and prudent future for [EDS].”

EDS Chairs on Transition

Gary Hall and Bonnie Anderson discuss new interim president and resignation from Bishop Carol Gallagher.

ELCA Pastor to Lead EDS

The Rev. William C. Nelsen, a former college president, to be interim president of Episcopal Divinity School.

EDS Chairs Issue an Update

Episcopal Divinity School’s trustees have formed a New Directions Committee and a Transitions Committee.