Pensions for Cuban Priests

Presiding Bishop: “This is not just fundraising; it’s following Jesus and finding our way back to each other.”

Deputies: ¡Cuba Sí!

Pragedes Coromoto Jimenez de Salazar: “The Jesus Movement is based on respect, diversity, solidarity, inclusivity, and love.”

Ending 50 Years of Solitude

The Cuban church’s desire to rejoin the Episcopal Church is at loggerheads with canon law in Austin, challenging Episcopalians to keep one eye on the Spirit and one eye on the rules.

A Covenant for Cuba?

A proposal from the House of Deputies could delay a more complete reunion with the Episcopal Church of Cuba.

Cubans Keep the Faith

The Bishop of Cuba attended seminary as one of eight students. Now there are more than 1,500.

Cuban Church Looks North

The Episcopal Church of Cuba has decided, by a six-vote margin, to rejoin the U.S.-based Episcopal Church.

Two Cuban Bishops Rejoice

Cuban bishops: “We ask God that his Holy Spirit guide the governments of both countries in wise decisions.”