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Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh

Bishop Roundup: Ecuador Central, Pittsburgh, N.Y.

An election, a consecration, and a retirement announcement.

Bishop Slates Continue Trend Toward Women

Three dioceses recently announced the candidates in their upcoming bishop elections: Iowa, Nevada, and Pittsburgh. One detail jumps out from a glance at the...

ACNA Bishop Ousted Over Priest’s Misconduct

Bishop Hobby oversaw the Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh during movement toward reconciliation, or at least ecumenical coexistence, with the Episcopal Church.

Bishop Scriven to Lead Evangelical Anglican Fellowship

EFAC aims “to encourage and develop biblically faithful fellowship, teaching and mission throughout the Anglican world.”

Pittsburgh Diocese Seeks Options for Valuable Property

Trinity House is a separate building, connected to Trinity Cathedral on the first floor.

Bp. McConnell Reflects on Notre Dame

“I first walked through the doors of the Cathedral as a child of age six, prayed there for guidance and vocation as a man of twenty-one, and have returned many times since.”

Pittsburgh Settlement Now in Effect

County judge grants approval for agreement between the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh and the Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh Gains Fifth Nominee

A nominee by petition, the Rev. Scott T. Quinn, has joined the final slate as the Diocese of Pittsburgh seeks its eighth bishop. Quinn, 57, rector of Church of the Nativity, Crofton, served as canon to the ordinary while the Rt. Rev. Robert Johnson was provisional bishop. Quinn is a 1982 graduate of Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry.


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