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Episcopal Church in Navajoland

Navajoland on a Glide Path to Self-Determination

Resolution would change Navajoland from an area mission to a missionary diocese — a change more dramatic than what the words may imply.

Navajo ‘Evangelism’ No Longer Means ‘Assimilation’

The Episcopal Church in Navajoland incorporates Navajo traditions into a Christian context. The Navajo Nation has been hit hard by the coronavirus.

Planting a Crop of Relationships in Navajoland

A growing Episcopal ministry delivers food to a population that has been devastated by COVID-19.

$262,500 to Restore Historic Chapel

A grant by the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations will pay for renovations to the John Gay Meem Chapel in Fort Defiance, Ariz.

Navajoland Stands with Sioux

The Episcopal Church in Navajoland is sending two clergy to North Dakota during a pipeline protest.


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