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Call to remembrance: Our Catholic and Reformed past

Are Anglicans Protestants who have taken on the trappings of Catholicism, while eschewing its discipline?

What has happened in Lusaka? Primates 2016 and ACC-16

Strangely enough, even though my province has been sanctioned ever so lightly, I feel more a part of a communion than I have in quite some time.

Notes from a middle-aged episcopate

At this year's Chrism Mass of the Diocese of Springfield, I remarked to the assembled clergy and laity that my episcopate can now be considered "middle-aged."

A noble desire?

There is a verse in the Bible that long vexed me. 1 Timothy 3:1 says, “Whoever aspires to the office of bishop desires a noble task.”

A way forward together (2): ecclesiology

If we are indeed to hold together as a church and a Communion, we need a framework and a shared understanding that will last.

Top 10: Seven theses on the episcopacy

What I want to suggest are a few aspects of episcopal ministry that I believe all of us might do well to consider. These are the kinds of priorities that we should hope for and expect in our bishops, which means that we need to provide them the means to undertake them. I present them in the form of seven theses.

Unsolicited ruminations on church leadership from a backseat driver

The Episcopal Church has more leaders than it has leadership, that is, more persons in positions of responsibility than the capacity to exercise that responsibility well.

Rachel Held Evans, adult conversion, and the necessity of confirmation

Let's not be quick to discard the best things we have to offer.

Seven theses on the episcopacy

One of the oddities of ecclesial life is that priests can’t be members of a parish. When ordained, the new cleric’s “residency” moves from...

TBT 2009: 42 theses on Anglicanism

From time to time in history, there are periods of tremendous upset, which occur at the same time as periods of tremendous intellectual ferment. Anglicanism is undergoing the birth pains of a new synthesis.


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