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Richard Hooker and the Historic Episcopacy

Hooker’s argument for keeping the historic episcopacy in his day should influence questions of polity in ecumenical discussions of our own day.

DEPO and the Personal Ministry of Bishops

Why might a parish conclude that it needs pastoral oversight from a bishop who concurs with its understanding of the gospel?

Worth Talking About: The Episcopate and Women

The worst thing we could do is say we should not be talking about these slates.

Much Ado about Bishops

A number of largely unnoticed #GC79 resolutions related to TEC's bishops.

The Optional Bishop

An Anglican province bent on mission but without theological and historical depth will make for a weak, divided church.

Episcopacy, Priesthood, and the Priesthood of the Church

The Church of England needs an improved theological understanding of the orders of ministry, such as the late Archbishop Michael Ramsey offered.

An ‘Anglican Catholic’ case for the episcopacy

Part two of “Apologia episcoporum: Anglican Catholicism and the reformation of ecclesial order”

Apologia episcoporum

There are two principal ways of speaking of Anglo-Catholicism: as a matter of “taste,” and as a matter of truth.

Political positioning and the episcopate

As a bishop, I have always been reticent about publicly revealing very much about my political views.

Receiving ministries, Anglican and Roman Catholic

The texts of the ecumenical Vespers in Rome addressed the theme of grace, unity, and pastoral ministry in complex ways.


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