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More important than you thought: ‘Do You Hear What I Hear?’

For those of us who did not live through the Cuban Missile Crisis, the context may not be immediately evident.

What is your orientation?

Reflections on returning home by another way. "Our vocation in this whole communion begins in the corner we find ourselves, exercising our priesthood in offering our lives and everything they touch, to the redemptive purposes of God."

On the Magi: Perennial problem

Unsightly reaction incited: my perennial problem.

On the Magi: Terror unleashed

Outwitted, outmanoeuvred, Herod unleashes terror.

On the Magi: We refugees

By the first dream, I was assured.

On the Magi: Offerings presented

Away from home, Mission accomplished: It is finished.

On the Magi: Feigning faith

Herod the King, "racially Arab, religiously Jewish, culturally Greek, politically Roman."

On the Magi: Through centuries

From the beginning, Magi pondered and travelled; offered and worshipped.

On the Magi: Farcical journey

Persians not Arabs, Farsi not Arabic, Magi not Kings: worship not rule.

Costly devotion

Those wise men brought such manifestly impractical gifts to the infant Christ: gold, frankincense, and myrrh.


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