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Islam, Worldview, and the Deep Questions of Life

Invest time in personal relationships with non-Christians. The Enlightenment was fundamentally mistaken in supposing that reason is the key driver of history and human decisions. It is not.

St. Anselm and Prayerful Theology

St. Anselm can only be understood in light of his aim: the joy-filled experience of the beatific vision.

Epiphany Seen through Monastic Eyes

The central theme for Epiphanytide is the manifestation of Christ to the world, which leads to the obvious exhortation that every Christian is called to repent and believe in the gospel.

The light shines incomprehensibly

The light shines in the darkness. And the darkness cannot understand it, control it, name it, manipulate it, or master it.

Light in the darkness

The Scriptures are saturated with imagery of light; they begin with God speaking light into being and end with the heavenly Jerusalem alight with the glory of God.

Evangelism of the weird

It is good that Christians are weird. The weirder we can be, the better.

Seeing Jesus before penitence: No return to the Gesimas

Epiphany has become a season, and that is a good thing.

The meditation of Simeon

Because of His visitation, we may no longer desire God as if He were lacking: our redemption is no longer a question of pursuit but of surrender to Him who is always and everywhere present.

Cruciform Epiphany

One way of picturing the church calendar is as an unspooling thread, with each loop expanding the last. But this year, I’m pondering the complementary, and in some ways more elusive and profound, truth.

TBT: ‘The Year of the Lord’

“In this new year of the Lord that lies before us, there will be a plentiful measure of blood and tears. But, as always, Christ stands with outstretched, nail-scarred hands ready to make every man who responds to him an agent in the dispensation of His healing grace.”


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