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Ephraim Radner

This Also Is Thou: Neither Is This Thou

By William N. McKeachie The most esoteric of the Inklings, Charles Williams, used the adage serving as the title of this essay as the epigraph...

On Live-Streaming, Maternity, and Infantilization: Responses to Ephraim Radner

Editor's Note: Covenant aspires to be a forum for substantive theological reflection within and for the Church. The following essays, which respond in various ways...

News Analysis: Toronto Priests Urge ‘Ceasefire’ From Churchwide Division

An open letter proposes a church-wide system of differentiation through shared episcopal oversight as a remedy for crippling conflict over same-sex marriage.

Lambeth 1920 and Its Legacy Today

Theologians and church leaders from around the world gathered at Lambeth Palace for a colloquium focused on a century-old groundbreaking call to church unity and its implications for Anglicanism's contemporary divisions.

Radner: Figuring Out Time

Radner's book on figural exegesis is a gift to the Church, and warrants serious, sustained attention by pastors and scholars alike.

Understanding our embodiment

We have been encouraged in the modern, post-transition age to lose a sense of narrative in our humanity.

Being an ecumenical Christian

I am in an outpost of a broken church.

Standing for True Marriage

Ephraim Radner: “Our larger culture … has indeed forgotten and dismantled the reality of natural marriage altogether.”

Apostolic sacrifice

We never read apart from our experience of the rest of life. My own reading of A Brutal Unity was overshadowed by an exciting but overwhelming task whose discharging lay just on the other side of the Covenant retreat in La Porte.

Radner: ‘Truth-Facing’ in the Wake of Synod’s Decision

The Rev. Ephraim Radner, professor of historical theology at Wycliffe College in Toronto, says the July 14 decision in the Church of England permitting women to be consecrated bishops will bring "a good bit of angst" on the ecumenical front.


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