Priest: Choose Church Unity

By G. Jeffrey MacDonald • Callan Slipper: “Deliberately choose to love one another. That deliberate choice makes the difference.”

‘Signs of Hope’ in Rome

G. Jeffrey MacDonald • The new director of the Anglican Centre in Rome says he sees promising signs for more visible ecumenism in these early days of Pope Francis’s pontificate.

Archbishop Welby to Visit Pope

The Tablet, based in London, reports that the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Bishop of Rome will meet later this month.

Pine Ridge Pilgrims

By G. Jeffrey MacDonald, TLC Correspondent “Reconciliation is not an idea. It’s a shared life.”

Hold that Epiclesis

By G. Jeffrey MacDonald A Roman Catholic-Episcopal congregation faces an uncertain liturgical future.

Looking Toward Luther 2017

By Massimo Faggioli The work of Pope Benedict XVI with the Curia has huge consequences for the future of ecumenical and interconfessional relations.

IASCUFO Issues Communique

Members reflected on the Christian calling to work for the visible unity of God’s Church as ambassadors for Christ in the ministry of reconciliation.