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What’s Wrong with Big Business?

Remember when Amazon was an online bookstore? You can still buy books on Amazon, of course, because you can buy just about everything there....

Advancing the common good: economics and theology together

By Thomas A. Gresik In a recent episode of The Living Church podcast, “When to Re-open for Business? Ethics and Economy,” Elisabeth Kincaid and Stewart...

Well-Placed Charity

We are to become shrewd Samaritans without a shred of guilt for “not doing enough!” We can never solve the issues before us, nor should we set out to try.

Forgive Us Our Trespasses?

What is it that we’re forgiving? As our various English translations have it, do we mean sins, trespasses, or debts?

Zombies, pop culture, and the wage slave

Perhaps the zombie may be a myth at home in the post-Christendom of late modern society.

Lent, Kiva, Chrysostom, and me: Microcredit and the Great Fast

If you are not concretely doing things to help the poor, you are avoiding an unavoidable part of the Christian life.

Trinity Institute’s Top Essays

Willis Jenkins of the University of Virginia wins first place for his essay, “Is Plutocracy Sinful?”

Some theses on ‘political theology’

If education does not produce a profound sense of one’s own finitude, then one deserves to hear only the judgment of God: ‘Who is this that darkens counsel by words without knowledge?’ (Job 38:2)


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