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Eastern Orthodoxy

Tribute to an Orthodox Autodidact

Faith Seeking Understanding The Theological Witness of Father Matthew Baker Introduction by Alexis Torrance St. Vladimir’s Seminary Press, pp. 368, $28 The Fathers are ahead of us, with...

Of Majesty and Mystery

David Lee Bozeman: “I think the death of Christianity in the West is mainly due to lack of proper liturgical worship, among other things.”

Russia in the West

Following the revolution, the Russians in Paris helped preserve the faith for later Orthodox generations, and they brought something to the West.

Incompatible ecumenism? Dialogues on communion, ordination, and primacy

Have Anglicans made incompatible commitments to different Christian churches in ecumenical dialogue?

France, la sainte: A pilgrimage with Vladimir Lossky

Vladimir Lossky's diary, on the road to joining the French Army in 1940, reveals an intimate portrait of the famous theologian, barely revealed in his academic writing.

Liturgy doesn’t ‘mean’ anything: It is something

A very common question is some variation of "What does this or that ceremony or action mean?" It expresses a false assumption.

Twin Themes

Understanding Christian Mission is organized around the twin poles of suffering and glory.

Quiet reforms: the Vatican and priestly marriage

Without announcement (and with almost as little notice), a Vatican reform was published in the official directory of the Holy See: it plain states that the Eastern churches in Communion with Rome may have a married presbyterate anywhere in the world they happen to be.

Lamentabili voce

Many, including myself, looked on with profound respect earlier this year when several Russian Orthodox monks from a monastery of the Kiev caves placed themselves between disgruntled Ukrainians and the government police in what appeared to be a peace protest. The politics of these gestures, however, were inevitably more complicated than met the eye.

Learning new ecclesial languages

It is not easy to be immersed in other Christian traditions, but it might just heal the Church.


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