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Revisiting the Brothers Karamazov

By Dane Neufeld For much of my adult life, if asked to cite one of the most influential books in my spiritual journey, I would...

Beauty and the World’s Salvation

The Heart of Reality: Essays on Beauty, Love, and Ethics By Vladimir Sergeyevich Soloviev Edited and translated by Vladimir Woznuik University of Notre Dame Press, pp. 264, $35.00. Russian...

The religious life and faithful flourishing in the Episcopal Church

A flourishing parish will raise up future monks and nuns who are willing to dedicate their lives to poverty, chastity, and obedience.

The Sculptor and the search for meaning

So many of the great artists of our generation are consumed by the task of trying to find a way of coping with a meaningless world.

Returning the ticket

Because of the suffering of children, Dostoyevsky's Ivan was willing to "return his ticket" to God. "Pregnant at Harvard?" reminded me of his rebellion.

Formative literature 1

The Facebook thread: books that changed our lives (or some such). Mine tilt heavily toward the modern and contemporary, but God, in the form of truth, meets us through our loves and fears. He finds us where we are, having arrived himself in advance.

A Brief Theology of Zombies

By William O. Daniel, Jr. • We are the swine, the potential zombie hosts.


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